Saving Lives and Restoring Dignity

Almost a month ago a nurse asked me to go and visit a patient who had just been diagnosed with HIV. She didn’t tell me anything about her. When I got there the patient had lots of problems. Her CD4, which measures her immune system, was only 15 and she had horrible smelly wounds in her vagina. She was in incredible pain and couldn’t walk at all.

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Confronting Stigma in the Villages of Nepal

A few weeks ago our AIDSLink Nepal team took a trip to the far west of the country to conduct HIV awareness workshops. The gruelling bus trip there took 48 hours!

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Giving Hope When Newly Diagnosed - Nepal

Sam* sat on the hard plastic chair and looked down at his hands. After serving 17 years in the Indian army they were tough and calloused, now they shook slightly with old age. He coughed, but the face-mask he had been given upon entering the hospital protected others around him.

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Being a Light in the Prisons of Belarus

The Channels of Hope training programme has opened doors in a prison for a participant from Belarus.

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Helping Russia's Drug Users

One of the most dangerous things in Russia today is HIV. About one million people already live with HIV - and the number is growing.

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