Changing Attitudes in Kazakstan

Operation Mercy Kazakhstan and AIDSLink International recently ran HIV awareness workshops in Almaty and Shimkent.

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Myanmar: HIV & AIDS training impacts community

“Before we had people come to our village and teach us, we thought that we shouldn’t touch people who are HIV positive. Now I know that that isn’t true.” —Anonymous

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AIDSLink Helped Me Help Others

I work with a group that fights human trafficking in S.E. Asia. I was able to attend parts of an AIDSLink workshop, and I was also able to attend the full Channels of Hope facilitator's training in Malaysia 2014. I am grateful for both trainings. 

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Able to attend school - Nepal

Both Raju* and his mother are HIV positive. Raju has no brothers or sisters and his father died when his mother was pregnant with Raju in 2003. They live with his mother’s mother. The relationship with their family is good, but they haven’t told anyone–not even their family–that they are HIV positive.

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Empowering People for Change

The World Health Organisation just released a report saying that HIV and AIDS are the number two cause of death amongst youth.*

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