AIDSLink Helped Me Help Others

I work with a group that fights human trafficking in S.E. Asia. I was able to attend parts of an AIDSLink workshop, and I was also able to attend the full Channels of Hope facilitator's training in Malaysia 2014. I am grateful for both trainings. 

In the country in which I am based, there is a great need for being taught on HIV. Many are the HIV positive people who are ostracised, even by the people who are supposed to help them, because they do not understand about HIV. 

Knowing more and better about HIV has liberated both the helpers and the people we are called to assist. The training has helped many people to better understand the HIV positive community, and to assist in a more compassionate and helpful way. 

But above all, this training has given many of us hope. Hope about the fate of every HIV positive person we are privileged to come across. These trainings have opened my eyes to a need I had not before suspected.

After the workshop an AIDSLink team member graciously shared his story about living with HIV with the girls in our shelter. A few of them are HIV positive, and I am sure that this testimony blessed them. 

I am also proud to say that one of them, shortly after this, decided to attend a discipleship training so that she would have a positive impact on her generation and be an ambassador of Christ. 

There can be such a sense of hopelessness that can be seen among HIV positive people, and I am sure that this first hand story helped her to have faith for the future.

Thank you so much for the beautiful work you do!

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