Empowering People for Change

The World Health Organisation just released a report saying that HIV and AIDS are the number two cause of death amongst youth.*


Statistics like that show how very significant events like the Channels of Hope HIV and AIDS Facilitator’s Training just held in Malaysia are. The Malaysia training saw 19 people equipped and released to transmit hope by educating, helping and inspiring others!

They came from far and wide. 16 different nations were represented. The participants that travelled the furthest were from Trinidad and Tobago. The remainder were all working in and around Asia.

One of the participants was a pastor. On the last day he told us, “God has spoken to me about constantly examining my motives. I know He has challenged my heart to take action on the things I have received these days. Beginning on Sunday with my sermon.

“God has burdened my heart to challenge other leaders to become Channels of Hope and not just have ministerial titles…. I thank God for giving greater clarity and significance to the ministry He has called me to.”

After the programme one of the AIDSLink trainers accompanied two of the participants back to their home country, Myanmar, where AIDSLink already has two other trained facilitators. The team then taught a three day workshop, immediately getting to put their new found skills and knowledge into practice.

The team also made contact with a Children’s Home which has 23 children living with HIV and have arranged to visit regularly.

We are excited to see what will happen through all these very significant people.


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