Bringing Hope

Dani Choi, from S. Korea, who is working with Orphans and Vulnerable Children and Drug Users in Mamelodi, South Africa recently went through the Channels of Hope Facilitator’s Training (for those working in the field of HIV and AIDS). 

After the course she wrote, “I can't stop tearing up at the moment as I'm reading through all the questions that I got from the schools at which I teach life orientation including HIV and AIDS information. 

“Here are some of their questions:

  • Do you feel it when HIV enters into your body or when the virus fights you? Can you hear it?
  • How can you fight HIV?
  • If someone is HIV positive and I want to help him, but I'm afraid... What should I do?
  • Why can HIV not be cured?

“If I hadn't taken the training, I wouldn't feel anything about those questions, rather just ignore some stupid ones!"

“It gives me hope that I feel something in my heart, seeing the needy concerning HIV and AIDS..."

"So, the training has already made difference in my mind.”

27 people from 7 different organisations and 18 countries took the “Channels of Hope” Facilitator’s training conducted by AIDSLink International. They, like Dani, are now being Channels of Hope in Africa and to the ends of the earth!

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