A Channel of Hope in the Philippines

It’s estimated that over 200 people a month are diagnosed with HIV in the Philippines. AIDSLink International decided to do something about it.


From April 11th-17th, six trainers presented the Channels Of Hope (COH) facilitator’s training in Manila, Philippines, equipping 28 participants.

The course is cognisant of the fact that HIV is not only a medical issue, but also a social one. Along with learning the correct knowledge, participants were challenged in their attitudes, and the competency of their responses.

“We would love to see something happen in the Philippines and to expand the work of AIDSLink in South-East Asia,” said AIDSLink International Director, Rosemary Hack. “The fruit will be evident on the ground through HIV integration in existing and new ministries.

"In addition this training empowers those who are already working in the field of HIV and AIDS, and helps them to be more effective. We are continuing to build the foundation of the work in South-East Asia."

Although the training only ended last week, some of the participants have already visited schools and bars to educate on HIV awareness.

The next COH facilitator’s training will take part in Pretoria, South Africa October 17th-23rd. If you are interested in taking the course, please contact us.

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