AIDSLink International’s 5th Symposium: Moved By Compassion

With gratitude to God for 5 years of ministry, seventeen AIDSLink Representatives from across the globe convened in Kathmandu, Nepal from January 16th-21st.


Many would agree with a participant who remarked that her highlight was hearing the story of one of the participants, a man whom God had rescued from drug dependence and is now running a rehabilitation home for recovering drug users with HIV.

Topics discussed ranged from our Core Values (Reflect Jesus; Uphold Dignity; Empower People; Act with Integrity; Build Community; Be Relevant) to the latest HIV and AIDS Statistics to Strategic Planning for the next five years. 

Two speakers were invited to share on the HIV and AIDS related topics of Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender communities and Injecting Drug Users.  

Along with the meetings the group visited a rehabilitation centre for drug users, a local hospital where people from villages even 12 hours out of the capital go for antiretroviral therapy (ARTs), and a prayer group to raise awareness of Human Trafficking. 

Moved by compassion for those with AIDS in the hospital, the team decided as a group to take an offering for blankets for people with AIDS who will stay at the hospital. Enough money was raised for some blankets to also be bought for those who come to the AIDSLink Nepal Care Centre to help them keep warm during the time when their body first adjusts to taking ARTs in Nepal’s cold winter. 

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