Building honest relationships in Zambia

Two years ago, our team started working in one of the rural areas around Kabwe in Zambia. They hold regular support group meetings for people living with HIV and others who are affected. 

A local lady found out that her husband is on ART, and therefore he must be living with HIV, but he hadn't told her. She didn’t know what to do and she was scared to approach him or the family. 

After talking things through with a team member she was able to approach her husband and talk to him about this in a respectful way. Her husband was shocked and cried a lot. He asked his wife how she managed to handle this, she said she had been counselled by AIDSLink staff.

After attending our support group for the first time he shared about his HIV status and his experience of coming to know that he was living with HIV. It was an AIDSLink staff member who had originally encouraged him to take a test. 

We are thankful to God for bringing this couple into our midst. We know that the Lord will use them and their experiences to help other couples with similar struggles. The lady is still HIV negative. 

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