Christmas in Costa Rica

Over the past year Conexion SIDA Costa Rica (AIDSLink Costa Rica) regularly visited an AIDS clinic and developed good relationships with the people there.


One of the highlights of 2010 was a special Christmas dinner. They took 12 patients and drove them out to a scenic venue where they shared a Christmas dinner. For many of them it was the first time ever going out to eat at a nice restaurant. They all dressed in their finest clothes and really enjoyed themselves.

One of the team shared, "One lady has three sons and daughters, she was quite distraught about spending Christmas at the clinic away from her family, and extremely emotional about how much the dinner meant to her.  She commented that we were her family. She was clearly touched by the love shown.  To me that was what it was all about—sharing love and something very special with these dear people. We purchased a Christmas gift for each of the five patients that were unable to join us for dinner (due to their physical condition)."

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