Helping Russia's Drug Users

One of the most dangerous things in Russia today is HIV. About one million people already live with HIV - and the number is growing.

HIV in Russia is often spread by drug-users sharing needles. Many churches have started rehabilitation centres for drug-users and have consequently become familiar with HIV. Their main goal is to break stigma and show action and compassion. We read in the Bible that Jesus took compassion on those who were rejected by society.

Olga, who is involved in HIV-ministry, gives talks about HIV and AIDS to people in the rehabilitation centers. After Olga participated in the AIDSLink International Facilitator Training in April 2015, she realised that there was a big need and she was in a position to respond.

She started to serve in a rehabilitation center, where she prepared short workshop session for residents. She taught lessons, held conversations, and played games with them so that they could learn about HIV and antiretroviral therapy. Most of the information was new to them. They listen with interest and participate in lively  discussions learning a lot of useful and important information.

Olga is excited that she can be used to transmit hope to people who are face so many challenges in life.

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