Asha Diep Care Centre

Asha Diep (Light and Hope) Crisis Care Centre in Kathmandu, Nepal has only been open for four months but already has 56 clients.


The care centre is a clean, safe place for people living with HIV to stay whilst accessing testing and medical services at the local hospital.

Patients coming to the hospital have to wait a few days for test results and sometimes have to stay in the city for two or more weeks of observation when starting ART treatment.

They travel many hours, and some travel days, to get to the Crisis Care Centre. If they had to travel back to their homes in between getting tested, awaiting results, and being under observation, many would not be able to access medical help - the journey can be arduous.

Clients return on a regular basis for follow-up visits and the team running the care centre can build into their lives on an ongoing basis, seeing them come terms with living with HIV, and seeing their health improve.

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